In this ever changing world, there is a sudden change in the temperature. In connection to this, aspiring homeowners often buy their own AC and heater to live comfortably despite the unpredictable weather. However, you will need a reliable and professional AC/ heater repair and new installation contractor to help you on your needs. Exactly Green Technology Systems can help you regarding that subject.

If ever you have vague ideas on your mind regarding our services, never hesitate to ask us, thus we are an open business here. We always welcome your opinions, comments, questions as well as suggestions thus we believe that this can be very helpful for us to improve the quality of our services towards our thousands of customers. To mention a few, the following are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our services.

When is the best time to check my air filter?

Your heating and air conditioning system must be properly checked in order to maintain its perfect usefulness for your home living. Therefore you must check your air filter at least once a month. This is the best way to make sure that you can still enjoy the efficiency of your heating and cooling system.

When should I need to replace my air filter?

Air filters are very important in order to have a balanced and well efficient heating and cooling system in your home. Therefore, you must make sure that it is always on its top condition. There are some cases, where you have disposable filters for your cooling system. Meanwhile, when you have observed that your air filter was already dirty, the best thing that you can do is to replace it. Thus, trying to clean it is not advisable as it may result into problem with your air conditioning unit.

Is it possible for me to perform the cleaning process off my air conditioning unit?

Yes, but still it depends upon the situation. As one of them most reputable companies in the industry, we advise you to hire a professional contractor like us if you are not confident about your own cleaning abilities. On the other hand, you can also make it as a do it yourself operation if you think you have the capacity to perform the difficult job.

Can you guarantee us that you can offer us the best staff to perform the air conditioning repair, maintenance and installation services?

Definitely, yes. We assure you that we have the best team that can greatly work in a more efficient, positive attitude and most of all in a professional manner. We are confidently enough to say that our team are knowledgeable and skillful in terms of performing the installation, maintenance and repair process of the air conditioning unit and heating system. In addition to this, our team is very friendly and approachable; they can surely help to lighten up your day while working in the best possible way.

Do you have other questions apart from what have been mentioned above? Then, feel free to contact us now!